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Replacement molle bag insulated sleeve

Replacement molle bag insulated sleeve

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Replacement part for our horizontal treat bags

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Customer Reviews

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too big/bulky and material seems low quality

Above and Beyond

Messaged Alejandra because I needed more replacement sleeves than the website would let me order. She threw in the extras free of charge. A gem! My only complaint is she didn’t make the size of the waist strap on my treat bag the size I requested. (I am fat so I need a bigger strap) but I can make one for myself so that’s okay!

Alana Orlandi
Innovative and fantastic

Absolutely love these! They're perfect to keep the kibble scent from making the back stinky and great for keeping high value treats at an appropriate temperature. I hope to see another option where the insulated bag has a little divider in the middle so I can keep two different kinds of treats in one insulated bag! Love it!

kelly reitz
Perfect addition to my belt bag!

Love these insulated sleeves. They fit perfectly in my treat pouch. I keep them filled with treats in my fridge, ready to go on training sessions. Wish they came in a 2 pack.