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Dog training hoodie black

Dog training hoodie black

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Introducing our exceptional dog training hoodie: comfortable, durable, practical, and warm. Made with an antifluid material, it repels water and dust, ensuring its resilience. Despite its lightweight design, it provides optimal warmth.

This hoodie is not your ordinary garment; it's specifically crafted for dog training purposes. It features multiple pockets to conveniently carry your training aids. With a removable insulated sleeve for treats, a hidden front pocket, and a back pocket equipped with a waterproof liner for your tug toys, it offers versatile storage options. Additionally, it includes a dedicated slot for poop bags and a shoulder elastic for easy toy access.

We cater to a wide range of sizes, from XS to 5XL, ensuring a perfect fit for every dog trainer.

Experience the ultimate comfort and functionality of our dog training hoodie, tailored to enhance your training sessions. Stay organized and prepared, with all your essentials conveniently within reach.
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Customer Reviews

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K Bryan
this product could be double the price, and I would still buy in a heartbeat

I love this thing it is just so convenient as a service dog handler. I got it pretty much right when they came out and I’m only now writing a review. And it’s just so convenient to have everything on your body and not like hanging off in some fashion like a normal treat pouch. I would like if the treat sleeve was divided into two sections, so you can have different treats in each pocket and not just one large sleeve. But the pocket in the back is literally so convenient for walks to the park and stuff when you have to carry back really gross toys.


Keeps me warm on cold days and I absolutely love the back pocket that I can store my leashes. So comfy!