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Molle treat bag pride month

Molle treat bag pride month

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Our new treat bags are made with canvas waterproof material making them extremely durable and resilient. They have a front pocket easily accessible making it very simple to pull out the poop bags from the front slot. The treat bag features two main pockets with zippers to keep your belongings safe, a removable insulated sleeve for your natural treats to keep them cooler during training sessions. Being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily.

Treat bags are 5”x7” making them very spacious to carry a big phone, your wallet, keys, and training aids plus treats. The versatility of having two pockets allows you to carry your belongings independently from your treats so they won’t get dirty. Treat bags come with a belt loop and an adjustable strap giving you multiple options to wear it

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Groves
Good but not great.

The stitching came loose really quickly on belt straps. And the treat pouch as a whole doesn’t balance really well when it’s full of treats so the treats constantly fall out of it.

Mary Thompson
Love this treat pouch!

This pouch is so cute and functional! Pro tip, if you're used to other treat pouches, keep the zipper partially closed if you move a lot while wearing the pouch, I bent over and spilled a bunch of treats but easily fixed that by zipping up and making the mouth of the treat hole smaller! Love the pattern and poop bag dispenser!

Cait Williams
Great treat bag!

I just got a new puppy, and for puppy class we needed a treat bag. I originally bought a cheap belt clip one off Amazon and it was 'meh'. I found AkraCreations through Tik Tok and immediately purchased one! I love it! It is so great for puppy class. Not only does it fit a crap ton of treats, but I can fit my phone, wallet and keys in the second compartment AND they won't smell like dog treats. The first pouch is great for poop bags and holding my clicker. My only feedback would be, I wish I could buy more foil inserts and have a way for them to close. I usually take a serving of my pups food to class, and it would be so much easier to just swap foil bags in and out.


Horizontal treat bag pride month

Best treat bag EVER

I love the size, durability, and PRIDE print. Recently purchased training treats that need refrigeration, so this bag and it’s insulated pouch is very handy!