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Molle treat bag dark green

Molle treat bag dark green

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Our new treat bags are made with canvas waterproof material making them extremely durable and resilient. They have a front pocket easily accessible making it very simple to pull out the poop bags from the front slot. The treat bag features two main pockets with zippers to keep your belongings safe, a removable insulated sleeve for your natural treats to keep them cooler during training sessions. Being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily.

çTreat bags are 5”x7” making them very spacious to carry a big phone, your wallet, keys, and training aids plus treats. The versatility of having two pockets allows you to carry your belongings independently from your treats so they won’t get dirty. Treat bags come with a belt loop and an adjustable strap giving you multiple options to wear it

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Customer Reviews

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Maria Imbarrato
Best bag I've used

I'm a trainer and this is by far the best bag I've found and used. I have a large Samsung phone in a heavy case and it fits perfectly in the middle pouch.
The insulated pouch is brilliant and keeps my BilJac fresh and the interior of the bag clean.

This would be a perfect bag if the poop bag holder worked better. I use earth rated compostable bags and found that they do not slide through the opening easily. I've had to open the pouch and take the roll out. I'm hoping it loosens up, but I also don't want to keep using it and end up with a ripped bag and messy hand.

The only other small gripe I've had is the amount of noise the multiple double zips make. If they had rubber dampeners on the end, I think it would help.

Overall I'm very pleased with this pouch and have recommended it to several colleagues. I so appreciate the thought and design that went into this product! I'm hoping to purchase a hands free leash from you in the future.

Thank you!

Annette Palen

Horizontal treat bag dark green

shanna wayda
Best Treat Pouch!!

Great quality and not too bulky! Can carry my iphone 11 with room to spare, and doesn’t move around too much when walking!!

Heather Newlon

I love my new treat bag it is great even fits my phone, keys and everything else I need while out

Lianne Lum
My favorite treat pouch to date!

Love this treat pouch!!!! The removable insulated sleeve is genius and saves your pouch from getting oily or gross from food/treats. There are tons of pockets to store your phone, keys, clickers, credit cards, as well as a pocket for poop bags. This pouch is very well made, I would 1000% purchase it again!