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Our new treat bags are made with canvas waterproof material making them extremely durable and resilient. They have a front pocket easily accessible making it very simple to pull out the poop bags from the front slot. The treat bag features two main pockets with zippers to keep your belongings safe, a removable insulated sleeve for your natural treats to keep them cooler during training sessions. Being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily. Treat bags are 5”x7” making them very spacious to carry a big phone, your wallet, keys, and training aids plus treats. The versatility of having two pockets allows you to carry your belongings independently from your treats so they won’t get dirty. Treat bags come with a belt loop and an adjustable strap giving you multiple options to wear it

Production time; 1-3 weeks

Customer Reviews

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Best treat bag!

All of the other treat bags would fall off my waist band when walking the dogs either when picking up after them or running to cross the street. This one is the BEST!! I love it. It holds more than one roll of dog bags. The liner for the treats is easy to clean. I have extra room to store keys, ID, phone, etc. It also has extra loops to attach other accessories. I added the dog poop bag holder and no longer have to carry the full bags while walking the dog. There’s room to attach a collapsible water bowl. The best part is that the bag fits securely and I don’t have to worry about dropping or losing anything. LOVE IT!!

M. Hunter
The best piece of training gear!

The removable insulated pouch is perfect for using high value treats like cooked chicken. No more stinky pouches since you can easily clean it. The 2nd pocket is plenty big enough to hold your training toys and a phone, yet not so bulky that it gets in your way. I absolutely love these pouches I bought 2!

Such a great investment!

There's so much room and different compartments to carry what I need when I go out with my two dogs. Love this product !

I’m obsessed!!

I take a treat pouch with me on all my walks and I’ve never had one that fit my needs so perfectly. You can tell they are high quality immediately upon opening the package. I can now fit my phone, two types of treats, my keys, wallet, and two poop bags with room to spare. I couldn’t recommend this treat pouch more.

Ali Rowan
A game-changer

I absolutely love this new treat pouch. For the first time, I can carry a full day’s food portion and treats on me without risk of spillage, overflowing, or just feeling bulky. I use it for everything from around the house to on runs, where I keep it partially unzipped for easy access with no risk of treats flying everywhere the way they have sometimes with past pouches. The multiple compartments also make it so easy to manage different levels of treats for different scenarios.