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Molle treat bag royal blue

Molle treat bag royal blue

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Our new treat bags are made with canvas waterproof material making them extremely durable and resilient. They have a front pocket easily accessible making it very simple to pull out the poop bags from the front slot. The treat bag features two main pockets with zippers to keep your belongings safe, a removable insulated sleeve for your natural treats to keep them cooler during training sessions. Being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily.

Treat bags are 5”x7” making them very spacious to carry a big phone, your wallet, keys, and training aids plus treats. The versatility of having two pockets allows you to carry your belongings independently from your treats so they won’t get dirty. Treat bags come with a belt loop and an adjustable strap giving you multiple options to wear it

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Customer Reviews

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Riley Langsmith
Lovely treat pouch!

I love all the separate zipper pockets! The insulated insert is genius and super useful for keeping my cold treats cold, and for keeping the treat pouch clean, too (it's easy to remove the insert and wipe clean!) The pocket for poop bags is really handy too, the dispenser hole works great. I love that it comes with a belt with a quick-release buckle too--very handy. This little bag has lots of great features!

I have only a few things I would change. I do wish it were a little deeper--I couldn't fit *quite* as many treats as I wanted to compared to my Rapid Rewards treat pouch; when it was very full, bending forward a bit resulted in treats spilling out, so I have to be careful about not bending too much while the pouch is unzipped. My only other issue is that the interior zipper pocket inside the 2nd main pocket just baaaarely doesn't fit my phone inside, which is a slight bummer but no biggie. I would also love to see more colors--a darker or softer blue would be so lovely!

Overall I am really happy with it, and I have ordered the thigh treat pouch as well, as that one is a bit bigger so it might suit me better for how much I want to carry!

My favorite treat bag ever!

I learned about this bag from my dog daycare provider. The size is just right and I love the extra storage compartment for personal items. The removable insulated treat pouch that attaches inside the treat compartment using velcro and the ability to purchase additional pouches is what convinced me to buy it. I was tired of using ziplog bags inside the treat bag for moist treats. Putting them directly inside the bag was a pain to keep clean. Problem solved! I purchased an extra bag so I can get my treats ready ahead of time and leave them in the refrigerator until needed. The only thing I am thinking of adding is a small adhesive backed velcro fastener to keep the bag closed when in the fridge. I used it at nosework class and everyone really liked the design. Keep up the good work!