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Thigh treat bag grey

Thigh treat bag grey

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This modified thigh bag is very similar to our previous thigh bag. The main change is a loop on top of it to make it possible to attach to your belt or a mobile accessory (Bike, cart, wheelchair, etc) 

They come with three different pockets: one for your personal items, one with a removable insulated sleeve for your treats and one pocket for an ice pack to keep your treats fresh for longer while it keeps your belongings safe, being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily

Our modified thigh bag  is meant to be worn around the waist or attached to your thigh with an elastic strap

They come with regular plastic zippers, two outside D rings and multiple nylon attachments

The dimensions of the thigh bag is 10 inches x 6.5 inches. All the materials that we use to create our products are 100% Colombian.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexis Lee
The Ultimate Treat Bag

I purchased this treat bag after seeing a creator share it on social media. I can just say, as a plus sized dog mom, this is the ONE AND ONLY treat bag that fits ALL of my needs when it comes to comfort and functionality. I have never found a treat bag that wasn’t night on me or did not shift and move every time I turn around, this treat bag maintains perfect position and fits me like a glove! I am absolutely in love and SO happy with my purchase.

Video review on my insta, @brownhoundbluepittie

Nathan Hazeem

Absolutely one of the best bags I’ve gotten to be honest! It’s so much stuff and it’s really easy to clean! Half the time I don’t even notice it when I wear it

Fantastic Product!

This is my third treat bag from Akra Creations. I’ve tried a lot of different treat bags and these are my favourite by far! I love all the pockets and the durability of the bags. They are very well made and they look great as well.

Tristan Townley
I like it!

So far a great bag with lots of room!

the one thing I have trouble with is the strap seems to self adjust when I'm wearing it, so it gets quite loose. Otherwise I love it