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Fanny pack treat bag black

Fanny pack treat bag black

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Our fanny pack, offers multiple wearing options, allowing you to comfortably wear it around your waist or as a crossbody bag. It also includes a convenient clip, enabling you to use it as a regular treat bag.

Designed with functionality in mind, our fanny pack features three distinct pockets to cater to your needs. The first pocket provides ample space for your personal items, ensuring easy organization. The second pocket incorporates a removable insulated sleeve, perfect for storing treats while maintaining their desired temperature. Additionally, a dedicated pocket for an ice pack ensures your treats remain fresh for an extended period. The removable insulated sleeve simplifies cleaning, guaranteeing convenience and hygiene.

Equipped with regular plastic zippers, two external D rings, and multiple webbing attachments, our fanny pack offers both ease of use and versatility.

To enhance stability during wear, the back of the fanny pack is equipped with two hidden wings, providing additional support when worn around your waist.

The strap can accommodate waists up to 60 inches.

At Akracreations, we take pride in utilizing only 100% Colombian materials in the creation of our products, ensuring both quality and authenticity. The dimensions of this fanny pack are 7 inches by 6 inches.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
New favorite treatbag, beating out stiff competition

This is my new favorite treat bag. In the past I've used these: Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Pouch (a close second at this point, I have two of these), Ruffwear Treat Trader, MuttRuk Sidekick and Penny Changer, Wilderdog Utility Pack, Wildebeest Alamo Treat Pouch, Dexas Pooch Pouch, and my own lumbar pack conversion (still my favorite for large capacity treat carry). Yes, I've been searching for the perfect treat bag for a looong time. Maybe I've found it.

I've loved the Doggone Good bag as my long-held favorite, but this one has the same treat capacity (or even more), which is good for daily use and training sessions, while having much more capacity to carry other things (phone, wallet, clicker) without being overly bulky. I love the removable insulated sleeve both for cold treats and for cleaning ease. The materials and construction are good quality. I love that it has molle points on the front and D-rings on the sides so I can attach accessories like a drool cloth and even a full poop bag. The waist strap is wide and comfortable.

Thanks for making this awesome bag!!

Liz M
Super treat bag for adventures!

There is so much to love about this bag! Clearly well-made and sturdy, easy-pull zipper tabs, plenty of storage, and a comfy hip belt. It's perfect for "out in the world" training where I want to carry my keys, phone, and other odds and ends without getting them covered in treat dust or having to take a separate bag. I just took it on a six mile hike and it was comfortable and stayed in place the whole time. Love it for this type of scenario!

This bag excels as an adventure bag out in the world. It's less suited for fast and furious shaping sessions. (The zipper closures and size/structure of the pouch make it harder to get into quickly than other bags. I don't consider this a fault, the zippers and multiple compartments provide many other benefits!)

The price point is perfect and exactly what I'd expect for a very well-made product from a small business.

The only downsides re:design for me: The velcro attachments are treat dust and germ magnets if they're not in use and there's no obvious way to protect them. (It looks like one I can fold over on itself.) There's a small zipper pouch inside one of the compartments that is difficult to access if you've filled it with treats.

I am loving this bag and think other trainers will, too! Well-made, adventure-ready, and from a business I feel great about supporting!