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Thigh treat bag royal blue

Thigh treat bag royal blue

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Size strap
Production time; 1-3 weeks
Our thigh treat bags have been designed to fit comfortable and snug.
It comes with 4 compartments
1. Front compartment to carry your poop bags
2. A compartment for your personal items. It will fit comfortably your wallet, keys, phone or training aids
3. The treat compartment comes with a removable insulated sleeve to help you keep your treats fresh and for easy cleaning of your treat bag
4. Lastly there is a pocket that can be used to add an ice pack (not included)

The treat bag include two different straps: one to go around the waist and one for your thigh. The standard waist strap extends up to 60 inches but this size can be customizable to meet everybody’s needs

The standard Strap size for the waist goes up to 65inches and the thigh to 30 inches. if you need a size longer than that please let me know in the comment section of your order and select the option custom
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shana L
Just what I was looking for

All the bags I have found always sit so high on my hip. This one sits perfect. Storage for my phone, keys and ID. Treats and poop bags have plenty of room. I am really enjoying this bag.

Love it

I hate carrying a bag when I hike with my dog this Carrie’s everything I need for him and my stuff without getting in the way

Melinda Majava
Must have for service dog handlers!

I LOVE this product! I got tired of having my wallet and keys in my pockets and a treat bag and a phone. I was never one for a purse so I opted to just stuff my pockets. Now it all goes in one spot! The very front pocket I just have poop bags. The next I have my personal belongings (keys, wallet, phone, inhaler, epi-pen, chapstick, and mask with plenty of room to spare). Then I have the treat section, it holds plenty of training treats (and a handful of larger chews) for an outing with my service dog without me having to make sure to pack an extra treat refill bag! Then the back section I don’t really use, however I have used it for ice packs, menus, receipts, paperwork, etc. I love how this doesn’t weigh down and cause the strap to dig in to my hip like other bags that hold less. I primarily use this without the thigh strap, but found that when I was at a theme park, it provided a bit more security. Normally I have to pack a backpack to hold everything besides her treats and bring it with me, but I find this holds enough with room to spare I can leave it in the car.


This treat pouch exceeded all expectations! Both the waist and the leg strap have a super wide range of adjustment to accommodate all sizes. It has so many pockets and can hold so much without feeling bulky and too big. It is the perfect treat pouch and fulfills everything I could ever want out of one. I think my favorite part though, is the removable insulated pouch that can be washed! Absolutely perfect for meaty treats like hotdogs or chicken.