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Thigh treat bag orange

Thigh treat bag orange

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Our thigh bag features three distinct pockets to accommodate your various needs. The first pocket serves as a dedicated space for your personal items, ensuring secure storage. The second pocket includes a removable insulated sleeve, providing a convenient spot for your treats while maintaining their desired temperature. Additionally, there is a designated pocket for an ice pack, ensuring your treats stay fresh for an extended period. The removable insulated sleeve simplifies cleaning, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene.

Our thigh bag includes two straps: one for the waist, accommodating waists up to 60 inches, and one removable elastic strap for the thigh, with a maximum length of 30 inches

Equipped with regular plastic zippers, two external D rings, and multiple nylon attachments, our thigh bag offers both functionality and customization options.

The dimensions of the thigh bag are 10 inches x 6.5 inches, providing ample space for your essentials. At Akracreations, we take pride in utilizing 100% Colombian materials in the creation of our products, ensuring superior quality and authenticity.
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Customer Reviews

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I love this treat bag! I have the first generation of this bag, what an upgrade! Love this shop!

Wheelchair User
5/5 Stars! Roomy and comfortable

5/5 stars. I had been looking for a treat bag that could accommodate the different treats I carry with me daily, along with my personal items. This bag fits the bill! In the front (smallest) pocket I keep a few rolls of poop bags, my bi-fold wallet, and my car keys. In the nearest large pocket (with the logo) I keep my glasses case with eyeglasses, medicated gummies, lotion, and my travel pill organizer. In the treat pocket (with the inner foil sleeve) I keep one 4oz. bag of treats (only given for medical alerts) and two separate recycled pill bottles for treats (two different flavors, given as rewards for tasks and desired behaviors). In the back (slimmest) pocket I keep my work lanyard/ID and work keys. As needed, I will clip a small collapsible bowl and/or traffic handle to the D rings on the side of the bag.

LOVE this bag!

I absolutely LOVE this treat bag! I love how I can carry everything in it that I need. It holds my keys, wallet, poop bag holder, and section to put my treats in for my dog, and it is removable for easy cleaning! There's also several ways to wear it!