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Modified thigh bag

Modified thigh bag

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This is the last batch of testers we have left. 

This thigh bag prototype is very similar to our current thigh bag. The main change is a loop on top of it to make it possible to attach to your belt or a mobile accessory (Bike, cart, wheelchair, etc) 

Our thigh bag prototype is meant to be worn around the waist or attached to your thigh with an elastic strap

They come with three different pockets: one for your personal items, one with a removable insulated sleeve for your treats and a last pocket for an ice pack to keep your treats fresh for longer. 

They come with lockable plastic zippers and two outside D rings

The dimensions of the thigh bag is 10 inches x 6.5 inches


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keeton Lord
Love it!!

It was way bigger than I expected!

I also did really like the zippers and how they stick a bit more than the older ones. However, I am going to change out the zipper pulls because I find them hard to grab and painful sensory wise. I love the separator in the front most pocket for poopbags. I would love if there was an integrated card holder there as well.

I love the D-rings on the sides!

I do find the strap on the top to attach it to a wheelchair is really hard to fasten. The clasp just seems to never want to close.

I also have the same issue with the buckles on the straps. It always takes me a couple tries. I think that they have to be aliened just perfectly and I find that really hard to do. I might even change them out myself because they are the biggest issue I have.

I would also love the have Velcro on the middle pocket (the one for personal items) so that I could get a second removable insulated treat pouch and have two separate treat pockets so that I can have low value treats and high value treats.

It would be amazing if the straps on the outside that you can attach things to would also have Velcro so that you could put a patch on it.

New Favorite!!!!

I seriously cannot say ENOUGH good things!!
Ive searched so long and tried so many treat bags always being disappointed.

This bag however…. oh my gosh. new daily use!! This is the only treat bag I need, but I did also get the fanny pack too!!

The removable inserts are absolutely perfect, keeps things fresh, easy to clean, and no obnoxious plastic bags anymore. THRILLED!!

Thank you so so so much for making a fantastic product!!

Alex M
Modified thigh bag review

Hello...first off I'd like to thank you for the replacement thigh bag you sent.
The Elsastic strap is a perfect addition and works great. The thigh bag fits a bit tighter around hip which I think is good especially if you decide to jog a bit. An upgrade/optional accessory that i was considering to mention to you is a hip strap with attachments... for example the preserve where I walk my dog she can run freely but i always keep a traffic leash hooked to my hip strap incase my dogy gets a lil crazy i attach my ecollar remote to hip strap,.. on a modified hook also a quick release clip incase I wanna walk the d0g hands free. But I gotta say your products are phenomenal.
Also a small zippered or at least cliped lil pouch inside hip back for cash (l lost a bill - no idea when or where :)) Wishing u all the best. I will definitely be ordering more from u and recommend your products 100%

Ash Andis
Great purchase

Not only was this exactly what it was described to be but it was also super well made and came quickly. I am super pleased with this treat bag and love all the space in it.

This tester is my fav bag ever

I am a baitbag junkie constantly on a search for the bag that will meet all my sensory and dog gear needs - it's a tall order!

This tester is the closest I've ever come! I'm ordering a 3rd because I can anticipate how sad future-me will be if the 2 I currently have (one for work and one for home) ever crap out (though I anticipate that won't be happening for a long time based on the quality of these products).

I couldn't be happier with this - thank you!