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Handsfree leashes are very versatile leashes that can be used in many different ways: over the shoulder, around your waist, as short leash, or regular leash. It comes with Two flexible rings in order of making them more versatile.

This rope leash is a beautiful and durable leash made with a 0.4 inch diameter rope. This leash has been made to ensure the durability of the product but also to give your dog a lot of style with all those beautiful colors.

This rope does not absorb moisture and dries quickly making it very easy to clean. Your dog will be ready for any outdoor adventure with our rope leash without you worrying about it getting all dirty. 

The leash shown in the picture is 7 Ft long.

Default reinforcement thread color is black unless it’s stated in your order


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Archie walsh

I absolutely love your products 💜💚💙💕
Your leashes are the best ever made ‼️ Please keep up the Great work ‼️