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Our thigh treat bags have been designed to fit comfortable and snug.

It comes with 4 compartments
1. Front compartment to carry your poop bags
2. A compartment for your personal items. It will fit comfortably your wallet, keys, phone or training aids
3. The treat compartment comes with a removable insulated sleeve to help you keep your treats fresh and for easy cleaning of your treat bag
4. Lastly there is a pocket that can be used to add an ice pack (not included)

The treat bag include two different straps: one to go around the waist and one for your thigh. The standard waist strap extends up to 60 inches but this size can be customizable to meet everybody’s needs

The standard Strap size for the waist goes up to 65inches and the thigh to 30 inches. if you need a size longer than that please let me know in the comment section of your order and select the option custom

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kate Mahoney
So much Better than the rest!

I saw my mentor post about these bags and right then and there I knew I needed at least one. When I came to the website, I couldn't choose so I got 2! These are such a lifesaver when it comes to training. I'm a dog trainer so having something I can carry EVERYTHING in makes things so easy! I will definitely be referring my clients over so they can also experience the awesomeness that is the Akra Thigh Treat Bag.

Melanie H.

I absolutely love the thigh treat bag! Great quality, fits well, plenty of pockets!

Love it!

My fiancé got me this treat bag for my birthday and I absolutely love it! The only thing, is the thigh strap doesn’t stay up for me (not sure if it’s because I’m on the curvier side or what) but it’s still a wonderful bag!!!

Jennifer Malawey
Great quality - unique product

I really love the thigh bag. It's gorgeous. It has so many roomy zippered pockets so I can bring everything I need on walks. And the position takes some of the weight off my hips which for me is more comfortable. I had such decision paralysis trying to choose from all the beautiful colors and patterns, I'll probably end up with another one soon.