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Vertical treat bag black

Vertical treat bag black

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Our new vertical treat bags are made with canvas waterproof material making them extremely durable and resilient. They have a front pocket of easy access, making it very simple to pull out the poop bags from the front slot. The treat bag features two main pockets with zippers to keep your belongings safe, a removable insulated sleeve for your natural treats to keep them cooler during training sessions. Being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily.

Treat bags measures are 7”x5” making them very spacious to carry a big phone, your wallet, keys, and training aids plus treats. The versatility of having two pockets allows you to carry your belongings independently from your treats so they won’t get dirty or catch the smell. Treat bags come with a back clip, a belt loop and an adjustable strap giving you multiple options and styles to wear it.  

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Uhelsky
Wonderful quality

I purchased this treat bag along with the thigh treat bag and they are both wonderful! I have found this bag is amazing for at home and training classes. The thigh bag has been amazing for training out in public and hiking as there is lots of space for treats and personal items!

Jade Woodard
Beyond amazing!

I ordered this treat bag around my birthday (in early September) so I've been using it for quite a bit now, and I'm in love with it! I'm a service dog handler so a treat bag that carries most of my stuff is very important, both for ease of access and disability stuff, so this helps me greatly!
I can hold a great deal of things in my bag, from my dog's treats, poop bags, my phone, anything really.

I clip extra things to the sides of the straps so that's a possibility too! (Pulse oximeter, pepper spray, stuff like that) I personally liked having it secured a little more closely to my body so I got an extra strap and slipped it through the loop that was added on the back! The strap provided is comfortable, as I normally have issues with texture, so being that I can comfortably wear it is very important!

I'm planning on purchasing another bag for longer duration outings so it's bigger as well, so I highly recommend these treat bags!
I couldn't be happier with my bag, so for anyone who was on the fence (worried about texture, quality of the bag, whatever it may be) please to buy these bags! You won't be disappointed!

Best treat bag

The little bag holds so much! It carries dog treat of course but it also holds my phone, chapstick, pepper spray, and has an area for poop bags! It could honestly hold more items that’s just the necessities I bring! I love that the treat side has a lining so it’s perfect for easy l cleanup! I also love that the wraps are adjustable so you could wear it around your waist if you’d like but I love it as a crossbody! It’s not too heavy and isn’t in the way at all! Best purchase ever!