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Thigh treat bag military green

Thigh treat bag military green

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This modified thigh bag is very similar to our previous thigh bag. The main change is a loop on top of it to make it possible to attach to your belt or a mobile accessory (Bike, cart, wheelchair, etc) 

They come with three different pockets: one for your personal items, one with a removable insulated sleeve for your treats and one pocket for an ice pack to keep your treats fresh for longer while it keeps your belongings safe, being able to remove the insulated sleeve allows you to clean it very easily

Our modified thigh bag  is meant to be worn around the waist or attached to your thigh with an elastic strap

They come with regular plastic zippers, two outside D rings and multiple nylon attachments

The dimensions of the thigh bag is 10 inches x 6.5 inches. All the materials that we use to create our products are 100% Colombian.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Favorite bag

Enough space for treats, balls, keys, wallet phone and more. I used it for about a week everyday and it was amazing I sadly left it out one day and my bloodhound got to it, but loved it enough I am going to order another one!

LOVE my thigh pack!!

It’s my new daily wear, holds my keys, phone, poop bags, and treats without stuff falling out every time I bend over. I recommend them to everyone, and i love that the straps are long enough to be very size inclusive. 100/10!

A MUST HAVE for anyone who loves dogs!

I WISH I HAD FOUND YOU SOONER! I work daily with my beloved cane corso, and up until now I had jerry-rigged a crap single bag commonly found at a pet store to a belt. It flopped all over, often spilled, and never carried anything. With the work we were doing, it didn't hold enough for her. I was beyond thrilled to find these bags on Instagram, especially with the thigh strap setup. Plus, there is a cooler pouch (removable) for the colder treats. This is beautifully designed! I can keep my keys, phone, poop bags, and two types of treats for a good training session and not have to worry about the bag getting knocked around, or spilling out. What are you waiting for? GET ONE. Scratch that. GET TWO! My six year old is even asking when she's getting one!

Christina B.
Best Treat Bag I’ve Come Across

My dog is a working cadaver dog and the average treat bag doesn’t cut it for his reward system (treats and the Starmark Bento ball) and I was on the lookout for something that could make carrying both options easy so I reward timely. I saw someone with this bag at a cadaver training seminar and immediately bought myself one. I am very happy

Brianne Vogelaar
Why haven't I gotten one sooner?

I've tried many different types and brands of treat bags. While each of them are good for different things, I hated having to choose which one I will use for the day. Then I came across AkraCreations and their bags. I hummed and hawwed and debated getting one, until I broke down and got one. When I say this bag has changed my life, I'm not joking. Firdt off, I'm not a purse person, but I also hated having all the necessary items in my pockets. Holy moly, can this bag hold my stuff for me. I love you have 2 options of which pocket to hold your treats. The built in poo bag holder, amazing! I love that I can carry 2 rolls with me at all times. On a daily basis I have at least my phone, keys, wallet, mask and hand sanitizer with me. It can even hold a couple of my reusable grocery bags. It's super comfortable to wear and super adjustable! I love that they are different ways to wear it as well. And the molle on the front is awesome. Put my hand satinzer and a pop bag clip do everything is hands free. I definitely cannot wait to order more in different colours. I was definitely be recommending this to every and anyone who is looking for the last treat bag they will ever have to buy!